NAIST Robotics Laboratory


On this page we will provide information to those who wish to be assigned to the robotics laboratory.

To all new students

Please feel free to visit the laboratory if you have any questions or doubts.(Fifth Floor, Building A)

Introduction of laboratory
Required ability and character

To everyone who wishes to take the exam
In addition to this web page, you can also learn the contents of the laboratory through the opportunities below.

Open campus (every June, November)
Publication of each laboratory is done twice a year.

Student recruitment briefing session (held in various places around May)
Information will be posted on the university website, the Graduate School website.

Spring seminar (every March)
We will conduct a hands-on training about 2 days in the laboratory. A recruitment information will be posted on the Graduate School of Information Science website.
Daily Campus Tour(At any time)
You can apply for a tour by e-mail.

Visit application to the Graduate School of Information Science
Visit application to the only Robotics Lab